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The Oriental Martial Arts College of Indiana is a part of a system of martial arts schools throughout the Midwest and other locations in the U.S. and the World. We feature the traditional Korean martial arts in which our grandmasters have trained for over forty years. We emphasize all dimensions of human development, including physical conditioning, self-defense, and the important philosophies of life like respect, patience, and self-control that help us develop the character of well-balanced and responsible human beings.


The Oriental Martial Arts College was founded by Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi in 1971, who was joined by hi his brother Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi in 1974. OMAC offers the Moogong Ryu (Guardian of the Peace) system of martial arts developed by our grandmasters, as a branch of the SongMooKwan (Pine Tree) tradition of TaeKwonDo. OMAC has over 30 schools, 60 certified black belts, and 6,000 students throughout the Midwest and other parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi established OMAC Indiana in 1983, and currently has three martial arts schools in the Indianapolis area and several programs in local schools, community centers, and housing complexes.

Our OMAC masters represent a wide variety of martial arts styles and skills, including TaeKwonDo, Kung Fu, Hap Kido, weapons, and Asian healing arts. Grandmaster Joon Choi was coach of the first U.S. Olympic TaeKwonDo team, when it was a demonstration event in 1988. Grandmaster Joon Choi and Grandmaster Young Choi have been have produced a number of national champions, world champions, a Pan American gold medallist, and an Olympic bronze medallist. Most important, our grandmasters and OMAC have produced many people who strive to achieve the best of who we can be as human beings in all life circumstances.

Moo Jung : Through our training in the martial arts, we aeek to become a better person in our spirit and character. the right way in life is not always easy, as we choose to face challenges and to overcome obstacles. In the martial arts, we strive to develop our strength do what is right. With inner balance, self control, and patience, and with respect and compassion for others, we will do what is honorable when we face life's challenges. As we develop our spirit and character, we can share this strength with others and become more positive and contributing members of our family, our community, and our society.

Young Pyo Choi

President (8th dan Black Belt)
• Produced National
  Champions & Olympian
• Life Achievement Award
  by UMAF
• Hall of Fame by WUMA
• Best Demo Champion at
  Arnold World Games
• Best Demo at Madison
  Square Garden
• US Team Coach Russia
  Goodwill Games
• US Team Head Coach
  for Shaolin in China
• Trained over 25,000

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