Sunday May 18th 2008

Holiday Park 9:30am - 4:00pm

2008 BOI Schedule


8:00  – 9:00 am     Set up for training and championship
9:30  – 9:45 am    Black belts and officials meeting (at the park) group photo.
10:00  –10:45am  Special training with G.Master Choi and black belts
11:00 –12:00 pm  Competition (form, weapon, breaking, self defense)
12:00 pm –1:10 pm   Lunch and picnic (soccer game North & West)
1:30 pm  -  Championship resume.(free sparring, Moo Jung Gum Do Sparring)

4:00 pm                   (Award ceremony)

The Martial Arts offer an unmatched opportunity for mental, physical and spiritual growth.
The range of life skills it teaches goes well beyond the class environment. The values of respect for others, discipline, and self-confidence touch the lives of many throughout the world.

The goal of the OMAC Inner tournament and family picnic is to unify and bring harmony to the family of Martial Arts disciplines. We want to be like a tree with many branches. Each branch produces its own beautiful flowers and fruits. The traditions of the Martial Arts firmly root the tree in the values of strong character development and the goal of constant and never – ending improvement.

The true meaning of the Martial Arts is the way of stopping the fight, with martial artists as Moo Jung in society. Our vision is to provide a place where children grow up happy and healthy,
the young become wise and strong, and the old enjoy peace and harmony with integrity.

Our mission is to bring this about through education, training, application and teaching. This is what we do as martial artists every day.

Competitors win with a humble mind and lose graciously. Life is a continuous saga of winning and losing. I hope all of you had a great BOI and OMAC family picnic…

Moo Do Jung Sin!

Grandmaster Choi

Sparring & Forms Rules for BOI 2008


1.Duration of matches:

a. 2 rounds 1 min. each 30-second rest

2. Required equipment: Protective gear includes

a. Head gear                        b. Mouth piece (for sparring)   
c. Chest guard (Hogu)        d. Groin guard (only male)  e. Shin and instep guards


3. Scoring points: 12 yrs. & under no head contact 

a. 1 point for punch to trunk. (punches will be more strenuously scored than in the      
b. 1 point for kick to trunk
c. 2 points for kick to head (neck, throat, spinal cord not allowed)

4. Valid scoring techniques:

a. Fist: Front part of the forefinger and middle finger of tightly clenched fist.
b. Foot: Any part of foot below the ankle.

5. Rules for head/face & body ontact for each division: - 12 yrs. & under no head contact

a. 6 years and under: Light contact to the body, no head kicks allowed.
b. All other divisions controlled light contact to the body and head
*** Any attack that leaves red mark or jerking head may result in warning, any 2    
warnings will results 1 full point deduction, excessive violation will results
1 point deduction or disqualification based on degree of violation and its results*

6. Scoring procedures:

a. Each judge will keep an ongoing score of each valid strike and deductions
(given by referee) by each contestant during match.
b. At the end of the match, each corner judge will return in their score sheet to the
center referee. Center referee will add up their individual scores and circle the    
(red or blue) based upon who had the most points their sheet. These score sheet
will be collected by the center referee. The competitor with the majority
decision is the winner.

7. In case of tie:

a.  One –minute sudden death.
b. If still tie after sudden death, first round winner will be determined as a winner.
c. If score is still tie, winner will be determined by superiority of the techniques
based on score sheets.

8. Penalty:

a. Attacking the opponent after “Kal-yeo” or “Break”
b. Attacking a fallen opponent.
c. Face attack with the hand or head.
d. Throwing, Sweeping, Pushing with hand.
e. Interrupting the progress of the match on the part of a contestant, or coach

9. Judging criteria:

a. Martial arts spirit and attitude.
b. Situational techniques that are applicable in real combat situations.
c. Application of technique. d. Mental concentration.  e. Performance Expression.
f. Timing and rhythm.  g. Balance.

10. Judging and scoring method:

a. Scoring point range will be 7.11-highest 9.99.
b. 3 judge system - Tally all points.
c. 4 or 5 judge system- Adjust lowest score to 2nd lowest and highest score
to 2nd    highest score.          
d. Ties: In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by the inclusion of low
and high scores or judge`s decision. Judges decision will be based on
superiority and difficulty of techniques used by competitors.


We hope your participation in our tournament will be a positive and developing experience in the martial arts traditions!

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the Competition Rules for the Battle of Indianapolis, please e-mail us at: OMAC Indiana Or call us at 317-297-1000


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