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Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi

BOUND BY BLOOD is an action film that incorporates elements of martial arts, character development, love and acceptance. The screenplay was written by Randy Bettelon and Sean Eichenberg based on an idea by Chris Cones. Eichenberg and Cones star in and produce the movie along with Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi.

Cones plays Trevor Thomas, a child from a broken home befriended by Johnny Choi portrayed by Eichenberg. The two become friends at an early age on the playground, when younger Johnny "bails-out" Trevor in a fight with some bullies. This is when we beign to learn that Trevor is a powerful person with little control over his temper and self-restraint. Johnny introduces Trevor to his father, potrayed by Grandmaster Young P. Choi. As a traditional Korean martial arts instructor Master Choi works to stress discipline and control to his students through Tae Kwon Do. Accepting Trevor as a student of his, Master Choi soon becomes the only father figure in the troubled boy's life, trying to teach him the same Korean cultural values he imparts upon Johnny and Lauren.

Trevor and Lauren develop a relationship, which grows into marriage. Johnny, who has pursued a career as a narcotics detective, welcomes Trevor as his brother-in-law. However, Trevor still has a tenuous relationship with Master Choi, who does not approve of Trevor's "questionable" ethics, as he has been known to throw fights to earn extra money. Once a rising star in the world of professional kickboxing, Trevor's temper costs him dearly and contributes to his fall from grace

As we meet Johnny and Trevor again, now in their thirties, we see their relationship has reached a turning point. Trevor and Lauren are expecting their first child and Johnny is working on a dangerous assignment, trying to take apart an Ecstacy ring that is flooding local high schools. Lauren insists her father and husband reconcile before their daughter is born, but neither is ready to take that step.

After an undercover operation that Johnny is working on goes awry and he is identified as a cop, the leader of the local drug world targets Johnny's family. When the Choi family gathers for dinner one night, they are attacked and Master Choi and Lauren are both shot. We soon learn that Lauren has lost the child and her father is in a coma. Trevor and Johnny both set out to take down the man known as "The Voice."

Bent on revenge, Trevor goes on a rampage and winds up in police custody. Johnny tries to take the path of law and order, but makes very little progress. It is only when the two remember what Master Choi has taught them that they find the strength to work together and face their demons.

In the end, Johnny and Trevor enlist the help of other martial artists to help defeat "The Voice" and take down his drug ring. Trevor shows that he has finally learned to control his temper and find restraint even in the depths of anger and revenge. Johnny learns that he can accept that sometimes you can bend the rules without breaking them. As the movie ends Master Choi returns to his students with Johnny and Trevor by his side.

Grandmaster Choi's 2nd Movie

"Pacific Crossfire" is the title of the new film, which will have a $9.7 million budget and take place in Hawaii. It is an Action/Drama that includes Martial Arts and promotes unity between peoples. The character Grandmaster Choi is being considered for is a Korean-American, who is an ex-marine, as well.

Plans are also in the works to develop sequeals to BOUND BY BLOOD here in Indianapolis.


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