Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi
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Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi has received many awards for his martial arts skills, including Best Master's Demonstration at numerous martial arts tournaments in the United States and México.

To see some of Grandmaster Choi's skills and techniques, click on the thumbnails below for a larger image. (Images open in a separate browser window.)

Meditation Master Choi in front of the Moo Gong (Guardian of the Peace) OMAC school emblem Energy Breathing Martial arts traditions emphsize Ki (energy) breathing, as indicated by Master Choi as he leads some of his students
 Master Choi demonstates martial arts kicks
Front Stretch Kick Front Stretch Kick Jump Front Snap Kick Jump Front Snap Kick
Jump Side Snap Kick Jump Side Snap Kick Flying Side Kick Flying Side Kick
Jump Back Kick Jump Back Kick    
 Master Choi demonstates speed breaks
Speed Break 1 Speed Break set up with seven boards Speed Break 2 Speed Break, with seven boards broken
Master Choi has developed the unique MooJung system
of the Jang Bong (long staff)
Long Staff 1 Long Staff demonstration Long Staff 2 Long Staff demonstration in México
Long Staff Side Kick Long Staff Side Kick Weapons Seminar Master Choi regularly holds Weapons Seminars
Long Staff Low Block Master Choi teaches a Long Staff Low Block Long Staff Upper Strike Master Choi teaches a Long Staff Upper Strike
Master Choi has also developed the unique MooJung system of swords,
which he includes in his martial arts demonstrations
Sword Demonstration 1 Sword demonstration Sword Demonstration 2 MooJung GumBop Sword demonstration
Double Sword Double Sword Sword Thrust Sword Thrust
Straight Sword 1 MooJung Kyun Straight Sword long thrust Straight Sword 2 Straight Sword side strike
Sword and Kick Sword and Kick combination Hae Dong Award Master Choi received an award from the Korean National He Dong Jum Do sword team Association

Indianapolis is fortunate to have such an accomplished martial artist as Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi as a part of its community.



Master Y.P. Choi

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Young Pyo Choi

President (8th dan Black Belt)
• Produced National
  Champions & Olympian
• Life Achievement Award
  by UMAF
• Hall of Fame by WUMA
• Best Demo Champion at
  Arnold World Games
• Best Demo at Madison
  Square Garden
• US Team Coach Russia
  Goodwill Games
• US Team Head Coach
  for Shaolin in China
• Trained over 25,000

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